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Beyond thoughts and rhythms



























   I have to mention that nor art or science is most important things in this life, but these can be good tool for exercising mind to play something like Glass Bead Game with reality. . .. . .


This Project covers:


   Photography, Archaic  Art,  art of sound, outdoor research, cognitive science, botany, contemplative gardering, Free Energy Art, magnetism, local and nonlocal time, topology of space, architecture, intuitive and vastu shastra design, audiovisual  and kinetic art.


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































 [cuttings from magazine new scientist]


























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Space of many mirrors and quantum phenomenology

















































                      Hermetic Art and the end of spacetime












































With 0 I began with the 0 I came out

My circle is finished left just here and now..




S h a r i n g    T h o u g h t   .   .   .