About the project








Beyond thoughts and rhythms




This Project covers:


Photography, art of sound, antropology, philosophy, architecture, archeology, intuitive and vastu shastra design, contemplative gardering, audiovisual  and kinetic art as a tool of learning and transfering multidimensional information.


A deeper level of project covers:


Outdoor research





























topology of space






Local and nonlocal time







Free Energy Art, epigenetic engineering and magnetism















































































Archaic  Art



































































































































































































































































































 [cuttings from magazine new scientist]




















~   ~   ~







~ ~ ~


Space of many mirrors and quantum phenomenology





































                      Hermetic Art and the end of spacetime







With 0 I began with the 0 I came out

My circle is finished left just here and now..




S h a r i n g    T h o u g h t   .   .   .